We offer a 3 year limited warranty to the original registered owner of our products and the warranty is non transferable.   A crash replacement scheme is also offered that makes replacement parts available to the original registered owner at minimum cost.

Before use each rider must be familiar with the safe operation of the bicycle. All supplied documentation should be read carefully before use.

Under the warranty Arbr Limited will repair or replace at its option any frames that it determines are defective due to materials or workmanship for a period of three years following purchase. The warranty does not include componentry attached to the frame from other suppliers, these components are covered by the stated warranty of the relevant manufacturer.

Arbr Limited recommends that frames are sent back for an annual factory service and inspection. If there are signs of damage resulting from a crash or otherwise it is important that the frame is sent back to Arbr Limited immediately for safety checks to prevents accidents and injury.

Each frameset has a useful product life based on its intended use, maintenance and servicing schedules. Riding outside of the intended use could shorten this life and will void the warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, failures from abuse and neglect, paint finish, improper assembly, improper maintenance, use of non approved components, misuse and crash damage. The warranty is void if any alterations are made to the frame. The warranty does not cover shipping costs and labour, and the frameset must be delivered to Arbr Limited for inspection with proof of purchase.

Arbr Limited is not responsible for any damage to you, other people and animals due to the use of our products. In the event of a failure Arbr Limited will have no liability or obligation beyond repair and replacement of frames.

Before each ride frame sets should be checked for indications of damage. If any abnormalities are found Arbr Limited should be contacted before the frame is ridden.

If the event of a warranty concern please contact: