Arbr was founded in 2013 by Robert Barr with a vision to design and produce a 160mm travel bike that would push the boundaries of performance design. The project was underpinned by an unwavering belief that class-redefining dynamics could be achieved by combining critical design features with cutting-edge carbon fibre materials and manufacturing techniques.

“I wanted to blend master craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce the fastest bike that can be made. I refuse to compromise on even the smallest factors. Success has been a result of combining critical design features to maximise performance and ride dynamics.”
— Robert Barr

As a company we are also the customer. We ride our bikes and we demand the most reliable high-performing products. We have taken our time going to market. That is what it takes when you are obsessive about details as we are . Our vision is clearly defined – producing the ultimate bike in its class. No compromises.

As the project evolved, a collaborative team was assembled, fusing expertise from friends and industry-leading contacts. Each of them drawn to the project through a life-long passion for cycling along with the opportunity to develop and launch a next-generation product from scratch. Our journey has been a chance to think differently and collaborate with a diverse group that collectively hold similar ideals and vision.

“We are pushing the boundaries of performance design and manufacture”

“Our bikes are testament to the passion and experience of a team dedicated to precision, giving unrivalled performance in each one.”