Tried and Tested


The Saker has been designed and developed to perform at high speed over demanding technical terrain. Our target was to produce a frame that allowed riders to push limits, the capability of the Saker takes it well in to downhill bike territory requiring it to have the strength and durability to match.

We completed extensive FE analysis on the frame form and laminate, rig testing and over 18 months of intense test riding before bringing the Saker to market. We have ensured it delivers on strength and durability through prolonged use.

At the time the company was formed, the concept for the Saker frame had been devised and we had started the design and FEA optimisation process used to evolve form and construction. This is the first stage in ensuring the frame meets our stringent strength targets.

Moulds were produced and in 2014, the first prototype was manufactured. Throughout 2015 and 2016 frames Prototype and Pre Production frames were tested and retested, ridden and developed across a full spectrum of conditions, terrains and loads. Extensive feedback enabled fine details to be honed.

To find the absolute limits of the frame in terms of strength we partnered with EFBE Pruftecknik, a leading test laboratory in operation since 1995. We take quality and safety seriously and along with EFBE conducted a series of fatigue tests well in excess of those from International standards to ensure the Saker meets the demands of the most talented riders.

EFBE’s extensive knowledge, built up through years of testing mountain bikes through significant periods of evolution, has enabled them to define a series of specific tests for gravity focused bikes. This ensures failures are experienced in the lab and not on the trails.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the Saker exceeds the strength and durability standards typical for a frame in its class. If however during an accident you have concerns over the structure of your frame we request that the frame is not ridden and shipped direct to our factory for immediate inspection.

If crash damage results in a structural concern then we offer a crash replacement scheme to replace parts at minimum cost.