Well Looked After

Service and Support

Arbr frames are built to be durable and we expect that those who invest in a frame will keep them for many years. To ensure performance stays at the highest level we offer an upgrade and maintenance program, the scope of which will be dependent on frame usage and each owner’s service requirements. We recommend a service after each year if the frame is used heavily.

“We offer an upgrade and maintenance program”

Typical serviceable items include: Shock, head set, bottom bracket, bearings, brake fluid, drivetrain, fork. We can also update and upgrade for you, with pricing benefits for original owners. If you want the latest components or if components are getting worn we can swap them out with new items. If you want a change of colour we can do that too.*

We want you to be able to keep up with the latest developments and enjoy your frame with the latest components. For servicing and upgrades please contact us on: service@arbr.bike

*Please be advised that only factory re-sprays are allowed under warranty.