Geometry and Specification

The Perfect Fit

Combined with the Saker’s suspension characteristics and construction our aim was to produce a responsive bike with huge stability. The final geometry is race inspired and modern with a long front centre, sensibly low bottom bracket and a slack head angle. It has been set to cope with high speed technical descents on steep terrain while providing an efficient seated position for climbing.

Chainstay and front centre lengths have been set to achieve a series of weight distribution targets. Across a variety of terrain and gradients this creates a bike in which the rider feels centred and balanced, with no extreme shifts of body position needed to achieve traction and grip through the tyres.

Each design feature has been combined and developed to work in harmony. The Saker delivers on descents and can be ridden all day. It delivers performance you can feel.

Wheel size: 27.5”
Shock: 215mm x 64mm
Rear Axle: 148mm
Rear travel: 160mm
Single ring specific.
Integrated chain guide.

Size 465 437
A) Reach: 465 437
B) Stack: 606 596
C) Seat Tube: 459  419
D) Seat Tube Angle: 74.5 74.5
E) Head Tube Angle: 65.1  65.1
F) BB Drop: 10 10
G) Chainstay Length: 435 435
H) Wheelbase: 1220 1190
I) Head Tube: 125 115